Update Your Google My Business Listing for COVID-19

Screenshot from Google My Business

Do you have a special announcement about your business in response to COVID-19?

I have been placing many updates on sites about the status of their business such as whether or not they are open, safety procedures, handling of products, business hours, customized restaurant menu changes for drive-through etc. Most of these announcements are banners placed at the top of the page.

I am finding, however, that many small businesses have neglected to update their Google My Business listing. If you have a listing with them, I recommend that you update this ASAP. Google has added a section for COVID-19 posts. Simply create a new post and you will see the COVID-19 tab as pictured in the screenshot above.

If you don’t already have a Google My Business listing, you may sign up for one. However, don’t expect to receive it immediately. Once you sign up, they need to verify your business and they usually do that by sending a postcard in the mail. With a reduced staff, this is taking longer than the usual week or so. Still, even though you need to wait for verification, I recommend it for your business.