Huge SEO Opportunities Frequently Missed

I often see small businesses that miss out on a huge SEO opportunity by using their Facebook business pages to promote their products rather than their website, and leaving their website to stagnate.  While it may be convenient, it’s a huge missed SEO opportunity.  What they really should be doing is using their website to write the posts and then push those posts to their social pages. The benefits are two-fold:  they’ll receive a broader range of coverage and they’ll keep their site alive and breathing.  Frequently updated websites generate higher SEO rankings.

A broader range of coverage? Well, yes. If you think about it, Facebook is limited to Facebook users and not everyone has a FB account.  It is also a social platform, not a professional one (granted, they are evolving).  I ask you this:  How often do you go to Facebook to search for something? Your website is available to everyone and is more heavily indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing, which are bigger.

Too often, business owners view their website as something static, like a printed ad.  While that may have been accurate 10 years ago, that is not the case now.  Users want to see fresh and current content, so search engines have adapted their algorithms accordingly. Updating your site frequently goes a long way towards increasing your SEO and promoting your business.

If you have a WordPress site, there are several plugins available that will push your posts to your social media which will save you from having to write multiple posts.  Be sure to include a link or two to other pages on your site for even more coverage.


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