Web Designer, Developer and Customer Support Specialist, I have worked in this field since 2013.  I continuously research the latest trends, and new developments to remain at the top of the fast-changing tech field.  I also take Developer courses on a regular basis. My most recent certification being BigCommerce. Shortly after becoming certified, I went to work for the platform as a Technical Support Specialist. I am also certified as a Developer for MIVA, an eCommerce platform. My goal is to provide the best match to meet my client’s needs.

I worked for Parker Web since 2017 – 2021 performing website maintenance, customizing sites to meet our client’s needs, providing technical SEO services, installing Google Analytics, setting up tracking in Google Tag Manager, fixing websites and keeping them maintained and backed up so that they are as secure as possible. We maintained websites on several different platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Adobe Catalyst, Hubspot and even some that were straight HTML! I found that I am passionate about helping small businesses to succeed and love being a part of their success.